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Unlimited Voice / Text / 2GB Data


Unlimited Voice / Text / 7GB Data


Unlimited Voice / Text / Data

What else we provide?

Global coverage

As a cellular provider we provide coverage throughout the United States from west coast to east coast. Whether you're in a city, on the road, or out camping we have the most coverage one can provide.


We have options available for everyone for the price point that is most fitting for everyone.

Phone options

We provide a variety of smartphone feature options fitting for every personality.

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Cities covered
90 -
Delivery days
$ 100 /mo
As little as
Mbps downstream

What our customers say..

Service Coverage

Valued phone features

We are not just a provider, but we listen to our customers.  It’s important to know what features are valued by users.  Data on the right is a good guide for those that may not know what they are looking for to put into consideration.  Not only does MoodyJ Mobile find value with phone features, but in our customers just as much.

  • No contracts.
  • Wide selection of phones.
  • Pay less, get more!
Long battery life
Fast charging smartphone
High-speed processor
High megapixel camera
Large screen
High durability
Wireless charging


About us

MoodyJ Mobile is a small family owned business from the United States. We strive to meet our customer’s needs, wants, and desires from a cellular provider. Through growth, word-of-mouth, and sharing with your friends and family you trust we’ll be able to accomplish in meeting those expectations you find dear to your heart.

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