Roborock’s ultra-powerful and super smart Robotic vacuums are now up to $140 off

Ready for your mind to be blown? You can have clean floors all the time, without having to actually clean them yourself. Over the past decade or so, robotic vacuums have been getting better and better — and thanks to a host of high-end tech, they’re now great at ensuring your floors stay nice and clean at all times. Roborock offers some of the most highly-rated robotic vacuums on the market — and you can now get them for up to an impressive $140 off.

A few Roborock models are on sale, so no matter what your budget or the features that you’re looking for, there should be something for your needs. Notably, you’ll get incredible discounts on the Roborock S5, the Roborock E3, and the Roborock E2 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Roborock E2

First up is the Roborock E2, which is aimed at offering excellent cleaning performance at a super affordable price. The Roborock E2 boasts a ton of great features — including a hefty 1,800Pa suction power, which should be more than enough to pick up the vast majority of dust and dirt. 

The vacuum is also pretty smart. All of Roborock’s vacuums are built for efficiency, and as such, this vacuum offers route planning to ensure that it’s both thorough, and quick. And, the “Electric Eye” technology built into the device ensures that each step is highly calculated and defined, before anything actually happens.

The Roborock E2 can do more than just vacuum too. The device has a mopping feature built right into it, meaning that it can clean your hard floors incredibly well. The vacuum has a built-in water tank, along with a dedicated mopping cloth on the bottom, which helps make the Roborock E2 much more versatile than most other robotic vacuums.

The Roborock E2 is now available for a super impressive $199.99, which is $100, or 33%, off the original price of the already affordable $299.99. You can get it for yourself straight from Amazon.

The Roborock E3

Want something even more portable? Perhaps the Roborock E3 is the way to go. This vacuum offers all the awesome features available in the Roborock E2, but it adds even more suction power, at 2,000Pa, and has a longer battery — which comes in at 5,200mAh. That allows the vacuum to clean for a massive 150 minutes.

Like other Roborock vacuums, the Roborock E3 can be controlled through the Mi app, which allows you to start and stop the cleaning, control the type of cleaning, or even use your phone as an actual remote control. The advantage of that is that you’ll be able to quickly and easily clean up spots in your home, in case of a spill. There’s even a dedicated spot cleaning button — once the vacuum is in the right area, you can press this button and the device will clean in a 1.2-diameter square around its location. 

The Roborock S3 is now available for $229.99, which is $120 off its original price of $349.99. You can get it from Amazon.

The Roborock S5

If you want among the best of the best vacuums that can also mop, then the Roborock S5 is perhaps the way to go. This device not only has the excellent suction power and huge battery on offer by the Roborock S3, but it also has a super high-tech laser navigation system, which ensures that it cleans more precisely, can map its environment in real time, and more.

The Roborock S5 is jam-packed with sensors. Beyond the laser-based navigation sensors, the device also offers sensors to ensure that it doesn’t get stuck under furniture, and if it does, can reverse back and keep cleaning. 

The Roborock S5 is easily one of the best robotic vacuums, and is the way to go if you want something high-end. It’s now available for $359.99, which is $140 off the original price of $499.99. You can get the Roborock S5 for yourself from Amazon