Here are the reasons why you absolutely need to buy Dell in the Black Friday sales

It can’t have escaped your attention that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us, with an absolute blitz of discounts set to be unleashed on various tech products as ever.

What you want to do is make sure that you get your Black Friday buys at an established and well-respected manufacturer like Dell, which doesn’t just produce high-quality hardware, but also provides excellent aftersales service to boot.

It doesn’t hurt that Dell often has some of the best Black Friday deals you’ll see anywhere, too. That’s a major attraction, naturally, but there are other reasons to choose Dell products across a varied swathe of hardware – laptops, desktop PCs, monitors and other peripherals – besides some of the truly enticing discounts the company will doubtless offer on Black Friday.

The best laptop

First off, it’s worth underlining the quality of Dell’s various hardware offerings. On the laptop front, for example, there’s the XPS range which benefits from a slick design and appearance, along with excellent build quality and finish.

And like many of Dell’s products, XPS laptops have scooped up awards aplenty. Take Dell’s flagship 13-inch laptop, the Dell XPS 13 which is currently top of our best laptops in the world list, and recently walked away with our sister site T3’s prestigious Best Laptop Award – among many other accolades. 

Dell’s XPS 13 is a truly amazing machine in terms of mixing power with portability, complete with better battery life than ever in the laptop’s 2019 incarnation (and battery longevity is one of the most important aspects of a portable PC).

Naturally, it isn’t just high-end products that Dell excels at, either. The elements that Dell’s designers and engineers perfect in the likes of the premium XPS range trickle down to also benefit more affordable laptops such as the Inspiron series, which encompasses convertible notebooks, gaming machines and even amazingly wallet-friendly Chromebooks.

The common denominator here is that no matter what price bracket you are looking at – from budget through mid-range to premium – Dell provides a strong spec with powerful components inside relative to the asking price.

And this philosophy carries through to other Dell hardware like its desktop PCs, which are great value for money (even before any Black Friday discounts) and reliable, plus they benefit from a similarly attractive design as the company’s notebooks.

Dell’s XPS Tower is currently the overall top pick in our roundup of the best PCs out there, and with good reason. It’s compact and sleek, while benefiting from a selection of 9th-generation Intel Core processors, plus it can be equipped with up to an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. In other words, you get minimalist lines while there’s still a ton of power inside. (Note that the Special Edition is only sold in the US, but UK buyers can simply purchase a regular Dell XPS Tower and upgrade it to a similar level).

Gamers, of course, can turn up all the graphics details on the latest games by getting hold of an Alienware Gaming PC, with some stupendously powerful products in the Area 51 Threadripper range. And at the other end of the scale, bargain hunters can pick up a Dell Inspiron Desktop with 9th-gen Intel Core CPUs, with these computers representing truly excellent value propositions in terms of pure price/performance ratio.

Excellent monitors and PC accessories

Dell is also known for its excellent monitors and other PC accessories. Dell’s UltraSharp pro-grade range is renowned through the industry for its image quality, which isn’t surprising when there are options such as the Dell UltraSharp UP3218K. When we reviewed this 8K monitor we observed that it has a simply stunning picture with fantastic colour accuracy to boot; you simply won’t find a better screen for professional usage like serious photo or video editing.

Okay, so the UP3218K isn’t cheap – no display at that sort of premium level is – but a Black Friday discount will doubtless help, and perhaps in a big way. And Dell has much more affordable displays on offer, not to mention a range of innovative products such as ultra-wide curved monitors which go up to incredible sizes – including a gigantic 49-inch model.

That revolutionary 49-inch Dell UltraSharp has a 32:9 aspect ratio screen that can be split into two, so it effectively becomes a pair of 27-inch QHD monitors which you can use seamlessly side-by-side. Another nifty innovation is the KVM feature which allows you to use two PCs with this monitor, but with just one keyboard and one mouse (switching these peripherals between the two computers at will).

As well as computers and monitors, it’s also worth remembering that Dell sells various other PC accessories including (but not limited to) docking stations, keyboards and mice, headphones, and even Dell-branded backpacks. Whatever you’re after on the PC front, Dell’s online store almost certainly has you covered.

Another reason to buy Dell come Black Friday is the Dell Advantage scheme, which allows UK students and employees of businesses who purchase Dell machines to get discounts across the entire range of Dell’s consumer products. This exclusive loyalty programme runs throughout the entire year, not just during Black Friday.

Expect some storming bargains

As for the Black Friday deals themselves, we can expect some storming bargains, and this is probably the best reason of all to head for the Dell site on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. For evidence of this, we only need to look back at the sort of discounts which were applied to various Dell products last year.

A good example is on Cyber Monday 2018 when Dell slashed the prices of some monitors in half. Dell’s brilliant XPS 13 also got some major reductions including over £400 being knocked off the asking price in one deal.

So be sure to keep an eye on Dell’s Black Friday deals page – remember that early Black Friday price cuts have already started, too – or to contact the company’s sales team on 0800 085 4961 if you prefer to speak to someone. And remember that you’re not just getting great deals, you’re buying from a trusted top-tier manufacturer, safe in the knowledge of receiving a quality product (and sterling support to back it).